Bump Dots- Large, Soft, Clear -Round with Nipple - 20-Pack

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Easily Identify Everyday Items by Touch

  • Unique shape: indented ring with raised center dot
  • Measurements: .50 diameter x .20 high
  • 20 self-adhesive dots per package
  • Mark appliances, electronics and more
  • Great tool to help the blind live more independently
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Bump Dots- Large, Soft, Clear -Round with Nipple - 20-Pack - Bump Dots are a great way for the blind or those with visual impairments to tactually mark countless items throughout the home and office. They make it easier to identify and operate the keyboards, keypads and control panels on all of your appliances and electronics. Apply these visual aid dots to everything from computer keyboards to telephones, kitchen appliances to washers and dryers, and much more.?These clear, soft rubber vision impairment dots have a unique feel, with a larger indented outer ring with a raised dot at the center. This shape makes them easily distinguishable by touch from standard round dots. For use on any clean, flat surface. 20 self-adhesive dots per package. Measurements: .50 diameter x .20 high.?