Braille Writing and Figure Slate with Spur Wheel Set

For learning full words in braille

  • Designed in compliance with industry rules and guidelines
  • Spur wheels assist the blind in understanding mathematics and geometric concepts
  • Braille slate is 4 lines with 37 slates each
  • Includes stylus, aluminum braille slate, 3 spur wheels, and measure board
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This set is perfect for those learning, practicing, or writing braille. Make shapes and emboss lines using one of the three spur wheels, then write about it on the same page! This 4 line, 37-cell braille writing frame is designed in compliance with set industry rules and guidelines. Also includes a fixed clamp on the board.

Measure board: 13.5 L x 10.5 W in.
Spur wheels: 4 in. L
Stylus: 2.5 in. L

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