Braille Slate- 9 Line, 21 Cell, Pins Up - Aluminum

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Easily Write Braille Notes on the Go

  • 9 lines x 21 cells across, pins up
  • Measures 4-1/4 x 7-5/8
  • Hinged on 4-1/4 side
  • Thumb notch for easy opening and closing
  • Made of durable aluminum
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This Aluminum Braille Slate allows the blind or visually impaired user to write 9 lines in Braille at a time (each 21 cells long). It's compact and lightweight for easy portability, yet large enough to be convenient for taking notes without having to move the writing paper. Pins Up. Made of lightweight, durable aluminum that will provide years of use. Measures 4-1/4 x 7-5/8. Hinged on 4-1/4 side. Thumb notch for easy opening/closing.