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A Memoir of Deafness

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By Henry Kisor. Veteran journalist Henry Kisor lost his hearing at age three. With the help of a supportive family and an unconventional teacher, he was, however always encouraged to participate in the hearing world. In this engaging memoir, Kisor recounts what life as a deaf person in a hearing culture is all about. The simple activities of growing up attending classes, participating in sports, going out on dates-were complex adventures requiring elaborate strategies, and Kisor describes his various practical problems in humorous and poignant anecdotes. But the most exceptional aspect of Kisor's life has been his choice of journalism as a career. For a deaf person to survive, let alone succeed, in this most verbal of professions has required great ingenuity and perseverance, and the tales related here testify to Kisor's strength of character as well as his journalistic talent. 269 pages, softbook