BetterBack Multi-Purpose Seat with Lumbar Support

Manufacturer: Jobri

Relieves stress and pressure on your lower back

  • Supportive, ergonomic style orthopedic seat
  • Relieves stress and pressure on the lower back
  • Includes LumbiPad for added lumbar support
  • Measures 19" wide x 18" long
  • Item needs to be assembled
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No more back pain or strain! The BetterBack Multipurpose Seat with LumbiPad from Jobri allows you to sit more comfortably for longer periods of time at home, in the office, or for travel!

A wonderful orthopedic seat designed in a supportive, ergonomic style to relieve stress and pressure on the lower back, it conforms to the structure of your back. It is adjustable from an upright to a flat position, aiding the proper distribution of body weight along the lower back and buttocks. Included LumbiPad provides additional support to the lumbar region.

- Ergonomic design encourages a natural, relaxed sitting position
- Relieves strain on the lower back and pelvis
- Reduces strain on the spine and discourages slouching
- Molded wooden back ensures optimal support, relieving backache
- Molded wooden seat provides excellent pelvic support, and encourages a correct sitting position
- High-quality foam for added comfort
- Covered in a durable, luxurious polysuede fabric
- Carrying strap makes the BetterBack easy to take anywhere
- Includes adjustable strap for easy attachment to user's chair or car seat
- Includes removable, height-adjustable LumbiPad for additional lumbar support
- Three-year limited warranty
- Color: black
- Measures 19" wide x 18" long

PLEASE NOTE: item needs to be assembled.