Bellman Visit Pushbutton Transmitter

Manufacturer: Bellman and Symfon

Know when someone is at the door

  • Alerts to visitors who ring the doorbell
  • Sends radio signal to Bellman Visit Receiver(s)
  • Includes PX28A alkaline battery
  • Color: White with grey button
  • PLEASE NOTE: Requires Bellman Visit Receiver(s) to operate
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The Bellman Visit Pushbutton Transmitter is part of the Bellman Visit system that helps you to detect doorbell rings. The installation is simple for this alerting system, just attach the Pushbutton Transmitter next to your door on the outside. When a visitor presses the Pushbutton Transmitter, it sends a radio signal to the Bellman Visit Receiver(s) for alerting. This alerting device is for indoor use and outdoor use in sheltered locations.

The Pushbutton Transmitter can also be used as a person-to-person transmitter. For example, it can be worn and used in situations when you need to call for attention. Powered by a PX28A alkaline battery (included) or PX28L lithium type battery. Color: White with grey button.

PLEASE NOTE: Requires Bellman Visit Receiver(s) to operate.