Auto Pill Automatic Pill Dispenser

Manufacturer: Reizen

Dispenses the Right Medications at the Right Time

  • Dispenses the right pills at the right time
  • Audible and visual signals at dose time, up to 6 alarms
  • Holds doses for up to two weeks
  • Secured locking key system
  • Requires four AA batteries (included)
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The Automatic Pill Dispenser helps to ensure that medications are taken properly and on time. Schedule up to 6 daily doses with the built-in programmable timer. This easy to use medication management system will dispense the right dosage of the right pills at the right time. It was designed especially for the elderly, Alzheimer's patients, those with low vision and patients with complicated daily medical regimes.

The Automatic Pill Dispenser can be loaded with medications for one to two weeks, depending on the number of doses per day. Only the designated dose is available. A loud beeping signal (3 tone settings) sounds when it is time to take the medication. If the medication is not taken (skipping of doses), it is kept safe in the locked Automatic Pill Dispenser, which is also completely portable.

- Medication reminder and automated pill dispenser in one
- Ideal for both in-home care and for large caregiver facilities
- 28 medication compartments
- Up to 6 customizable alarms - NEW!
- Tamper-proof locking key system helps prevent over-medication
- Easy to program, only three buttons
- Interchangeable Solid and Clear covers - NEW!
- 3 loud alarm tones and a flashing red LED alert you when it is time
- Helps ensure medication compliance
- Reduces the need for personnel to distribute medication
- Great for organizing and administering nutritional supplements
- Low battery alert ensures you don't skip your meds
- Removable scheduling rings coordinates for multiple doses per day

NOTE Before using test your dispenser, **to unlock tab, turn key all the way to the right. To lock, turn left**

1. Press and hold button 2 (9) for 5 seconds. "CH" will be displayed. Device is now in testing mode.

2. Press button 1 (8), and device will automatically proceed through following tests.

a. "CH 1" will be displayed, and all display characters will then light up.
b. "CH 2" will be displayed, and tray will then rotate one compartment.
c. "CH 3" will be displayed, and alarm with then sound and red light will flash.

3. Lift dispenser and turn it over as if pouring medication into palm. Alarm and red light will shut.

4.To exit test mode and return to clock mode, press Button 3 (10). Note, if dispenser is not turned over within 10 seconds. "CH 4" will be displayed. If tray does not rotate properly, motor will stop and "CH 6" error message will be displayed. In event of test malfunction, reset by removing and replacing batteries.


- Dimensions: 8" in diameter by 1.5" height
- Weight: 1.61 lbs
- Power: Requires 4 AA Batteries (included)
- Alarm: 6 customizable alarms
- Locking: Yes - one key included
- NOTE: Buzzer will sound until pills are removed (up to 30 minutes)
- Includes: one Automatic Pill Dispenser 1-6 Alarms, one clear and one solid cover (interchangeable), 6 dosage rings, one key, and 2 instruction booklets

Warranty: One (1) year limited

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