Ambutech Flip-Up Ice Spike for Support Canes

Manufacturer: Ambutech

For more secure navigation on ice and snow

  • Great winter accessory for your support cane
  • Attach to cane base and flip down when needed
  • Includes one spike only (purchase cane separately)
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The Ambutech Flip-Up Ice Spike is a great winter accessory to use with your Support Cane. It attaches to the cane near its base and easily flips down when needed for safer, more secure walking on ice and snow. Use for VIP Adjustable, Folding Adjustable, and Fixed-Length Canes. One spike only - purchase support cane separately.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is strongly recommended that cane users avoid icy conditions whenever possible and that they use extreme caution walking on ice or snow, even when using a cane equipped with an ice spike.