Aluminum Braille Clothing Identifiers

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Clothing Tags Offer Independence to Blind

  • 100 tags per bag
  • Can be reused over and over again
  • 21 different worded colors and patterns
  • Your choice of attaching by sewing or pinning
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These brailled labels are perfect for stitching or pinning on to clothes so that they can later be identified by the blind wearer if item is a particular color or pattern. 100 white brailled with black print tags come in each package and can be re-used over and over.

Package includes twelve Black, twelve Dark Blue, eight Brown, eight Light Blue, four Tan, four Dark Green, eight Gray, four Light Green, four Red, four Dark Purple,eight Print, eight Plaid, eight Striped, and eight White tags.

Tags measure 9/16 x 1-1/16 in.