All Terrain Cane Tip- Tip and Assembly Only

Get around more easily at the beach and park

  • Navigate easily at the beach, in forests, in parks, etc.
  • Long, curved nylon tip reduces snagging in grass and sand
  • Provides greater contact with the ground surface
  • For use with Europa canes ONLY
  • PLEASE NOTE: tip and assembly only - cane may be purchased separately
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This All-Terrain Cane Tip is a great accessory to use with your existing Europa Cane. The All-Terrain Tip was designed to help the blind navigate more safely and easily in areas that aren't paved. The long curved tip reduces snagging, allowing it to glide through sand, grass, and other rough terrains. Now you'll be able to walk with confidence on the beach, on hiking paths, or in the park!

This long nylon tip has a 3" curved piece at the top, a 6" straight middle section, and a 3"curved end piece that prevents snagging. It's easy to interchange with the standard rolling ball tip on your Europa cane. The All-Terrain Tip is great for a day at the beach or a vacation in the country. Then, when you're back home in the city (or anywhere with paved roads and sidewalks,) simply switch back to your rolling ball cane tip.

How do you use a cane with an All-Terrain Tip installed? Hold the cane out ahead of you with the curved nylon tip resting on the ground. As you walk, swivel your wrist from left to right, so that the tip moves along the ground in an S pattern, much like the movement of a snake. The curved tip should remain on the ground at all times. The tip will glide through sand, grass, and other rough terrains, allowing you to navigate more safely and easily in natural environments.

- When an All Terrain Tip is attached, the cane will be approximately 3 inches longer than it is with the rolling tip.
- As an alternative to the interchangeable All Terrain Tip, complete All Terrain Canes are also available in sizes from 38 inches to 58 inches in both rigid and folding models.

PLEASE NOTE: tip and assembly only - cane may be purchased separately.