3 in 1 Head Worn 2.2x-4.8x Magnifier

Manufacturer: Reizen Optix

See details while keeping your hands free to work

  • Flip-down head-worn magnifier with extra loupe
  • Combined magnification up to 4.8x
  • 2.2x fixed and 1.1x flip lenses plus 1.5x loupe
  • Adjustable to comfortably and securely fit any size head
  • Measures 8.50" long x 7.25" wide x 2.25" thick
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Does having to hold a magnifier to see fine details leave you wishing you had another set of hands to hold tools or the project you're working on?

With the 3 in 1 Head Worn Magnifier, you'll be able to see even the smallest details magnified up to 4.8x while at the same time keeping your hands free. Start with the fixed 2.2x dual acrylic lens and if needed simply flip down the second 1.1x dual acrylic lens, or swing down the 1.5x loupe for the strongest combined magnifying power. The headband easily adjusts for a comfortable, secure fit on any size head.

Now jewelers, watch repair technicians, hobbyists, or anyone who does precision work or small part inspection can enjoy hands-free clarity and see every last detail!

Magnifies up to 4.8x, as follows:
a. Fixed Lens - 2.2x
b. Flip Lens - 1.1x
c. Loupe - 1.5x
d. Fixed and Flip Lens (used together) - 3.3x
e. Fixed Lens, Flip Lens, and Loupe (used together) - 4.8x

- Flip-down head-worn magnifier with two dual acrylic lenses (2.2x fixed & 1.1x flip)
- Extra swing down 1.5x loupe built into frame
- Second dual acrylic lens flips up inside headband when not in use
- Secure, adjustable hook and loop strap fits any head size
- Color: black body
- Material: acrylic lens and plastic body

Product measurements (approximate): 8.50" long x 7.25" wide x 2.25" thick
Product weight: 5.5 oz.