Vision Impaired Keyboards

Vision Impaired Keyboards

Easily See Your Computer Keys and Reduce Eyestrain

Keyboards can be difficult to maneuver, even without mobility or sight issues.

To make using the computer easier, we've put together this selection of adaptive keyboards and accessories: Large Print, Low Vision or Braille Key Labels and Overlays, Mini Thin Keyboards with PS/2 or USB Connections, Ergo Chairs with PRO II PS2 Keyboards, Ergonomic Keyboard Holders by Reizen, Large Print Keyboards, Wired and Wireless Keyboards, Wireless Mouses, Illuminated Keyboards, Computer Keyboard Magnifiers, Left-Handed Numeric Keyboards, Adaptive Keyboard Software for Mac and Windows Systems, and Dvorak Style Keyboards.

With practically any amount of restricted mobility or vision, you'll be able to make time spent at your computer more productive and more enjoyable.

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