Playing Cards Deck for Foxy Reader Talking Label Reader

Manufacturer: Caretec

Specially coded cards compatible with Foxy Reader
  • Playing cards deck for Foxy Reader Talking Label Reader and Organizer
  • Deck includes 52 cards plus 2 Jokers
  • Cards are specially coded to be read by Foxy Reader
  • Enables blind and visually impaired poker players to play card games with sighted friends
  • Foxy Reader sold separately

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This is 1 deck of specialty playing cards for the blind and visually impaired for use with the Foxy Reader Talking Label Reader and Organizer (sold separately, MaxiAids Item Number 301520). These playing cards are specially coded so that blind Poker players can play their favorite card games against their sighted opponents. Each card contains printed codes that cannot be seen visually. The blind or visually impaired player can use their Foxy Reader and the earphones that come with the Foxy Reader to hear the card information played back to them discreetly. This set of playing cards includes 52 cards plus 2 Jokers that can be used as regular playing cards for those who can see while adding accessibility to card games for the blind and visually impaired.

Sold separately, the Foxy Reader is a talking organizer and reader of tactile labels, tags, and playing cards that also serve as an MP3 player and digital recorder. The Foxy Reader helps blind and visually impaired people easily locate stored products and goods. Attach a self-adhesive label or tag (for clothes) to your items and record their contents. The recorded names are automatically saved by the Foxy-Reader. The labels and tags are water-resistant and have tactile markings to be easily found with the fingers. The playing cards enable blind card players to enjoy their favorite games against sighted opponents.

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