Pan Pickle- Black- Pack of 2

Manufacturer: Ravencourt Living

Keep containers in place and prevent spills!
  • Made of food-safe, temperature-resistant silicone
  • Guards containers and stops spills
  • Safe for use on induction hobs (not for use with electric or gas hobs)
  • Pack of 2
  • Dishwasher-safe

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Cooking and meal preparation have never been easier! Get a little extra help in the kitchen from a Pan Pickle— these silicone 'pickles' hold round objects like plates and bowls in place on your tables and workshops. Made from temperature-resistant silicone, Pan Pickles are useful for holding pans in place while cooking on induction hobs— gas and electric coil hobs operate at temperatures much higher than the silicone can handle, so do not use a Pan Pickle on electric or gas hobs. In addition, Pan Pickles can be used for keeping bowls steady on countertops and tables. You can also use them to mark the rings on your induction hobs, so you can place pans quickly and easily each time. You can also use Pan Pickles to create 'known locations' for bowls and other circular containers around the house.

To use, simply clean the Pan Pickle by running it under warm water, make sure the surface you wish to use is dry and clear of dust and grease, then press it down where you want it. Pan Pickles can be peeled up and reused, so you don't have to find the perfect spot the first time. You can use one Pickle or a pair to hold a pan, depending on your preference.

Color: Black

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