Oral Clean G100 Electric Suction Toothbrush

Manufacturer: HIMS

Oral care solution— prevents patient tooth damage
  • Water-resistant— easy to use with suction, sonic vibration, and LED light function for better viewing of dark areas of the mouth
  • Brush designed for the prevention of tooth damage and efficient cleaning for sensitive teeth and gums
  • Sucks the gargling water inside the mouth through the suction hole located on the top of the brush at 500ml per minute
  • Hygienic silicone tube which is harmless to the human body
  • Due to health restrictions, this is a non-returnable item

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Length: 10.55 in
Width: 1.49 in
Height: 1.69 in
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FDA Approved! The world's first electric suction toothbrush. Smooth sonic vibration of 14,000 times per minute gets delivered through the brush to clean the oral cavity more efficiently. Provides a simple yet innovative oral care solution for caregivers of patients who have difficulty brushing their teeth by themselves. Ideal for parents of kids who can not spit out the gargling water, patients who have a hard time moving due to sickness, disability, or injury, and seniors or the disabled. Perfect for home, institutions, or hospitals. Includes a foldable bottle for convenient water storing and internal cleaning, and a wrist strap to prevent slipping. Caregivers may use the exclusive neck strap and the ring on the bottle for convenience.

LED light brightens the oral cavity and gets transmitted through the transparent brush head, brightening up the dark area of their mouth where you have a hard time seeing. LED alarm flickers when it is time to recharge.

Soft antibacterial bristles help caregivers to provide hygienic oral care and replaceable brush heads allow for multiple users. Soft tongue cleaner, and no damage to the patient if they accidentally chew on the brush. By pressing the button, the sonic vibration function and suction function turn on alternately. Connects to a charger in the charging port located on the bottom part of the product.

OralClean G100
Brush heads (2pcs)
Wrist strap
Foldable bottle (700ml)
Cleaning brush

Frequency : 14,000rpm(+20 percent)
Adapter: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Battery : DC3.7V Li-ion Battery 1.6Ah

Due To Health Restrictions, This Product Is Non-Returnable!

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