No-Rinse Shampoo Cap - Shampoo in a Cap

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

No Water or Rinsing Required
  • One-piece cap transfers all massaging directly to hair and scalp
  • Latex-free and alcohol-free
  • Leaves hair fresh and clean, eliminating odors
  • Shampoo more efficiently, in less time
  • Can be heated in microwave prior to use

SKU: 502000
Length: 4.25 in
Width: 1.00 in
Height: 8.50 in
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Latex-free and alcohol-free one-piece cap transfers all massaging action directly to hair and scalp. Simply place cap on head, the same as you would a conventional bathing cap and begin massaging the hair through the cap until hair is completely saturated. Within two to three minutes hair is fresh and clean. This type of shampooing is more efficient than traditional shampooing and is easier on caregivers. Cap can be used as-is or gently warmed in a microwave. Please read directions carefully to avoid burns. When shampooing is complete, towel dry hair, comb and style hair as desired. No rinsing necessary.

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