Needle Guide and Magnifier- 1.7x

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Administer Insulin Easily and Accurately
  • Helpful tool for low vision diabetics
  • Magnifies syringe markings up to 1.7x
  • Guides syringe needle into insulin vial
  • Use with BD 1cc, 1/2cc and 3/10cc syringes
  • Fast, easy, accurate insulin doses

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This combination Needle Guide and Magnifier was designed to make reading markings on a syringe easier with up to 1.7 times magnification and to help guide the syringe needle into a vial. Works with BD 1CC, 1/2 cc and 3/10 cc insulin syringes.

It's easy to use… Simply nest the vial in the semi-circle guide at the end of the magnifying bar and from the other end, slide the syringe along the channel guide and into the vial. You'll be able to see and measure the correct doses more easily and accurately than ever. Measures 3-1/8 Long x 7/8 Wide x ¾ Thick.

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