NanoClean Fine Instrument Hearing Aid Cleaners (20-strand pkg)

Manufacturer: NanoClean

Easy thread-and-pull cleaners for your hearing aid
  • Single-use, disposable, earpiece cleaning tool
  • Audiologist recommended
  • Easy-to-use cleaners for hearing aids, tympanometer tubes, in-ear sound monitors, and police radio earpieces
  • Keeps your hearing aid hygienically clean and performing its best
  • Package contains 20 pre-cut cleaning strands

SKU: 501290
Length: 4.60 in
Width: 2.00 in
Height: 1.00 in
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Audiologist-recommended NanoClean Fine Instrument Hearing Aid Cleaners feature a stiff threader and a soft, spongy, nylon brush to safely and effectively remove wax and debris as well as absorb moisture. A unique "thread-and-pull" cleaning action gets the job done easily and quickly.

Ideal cleaning tool for: thin tube and standard hearing aids; tympanometer tubes; in-ear sound monitors; and police radio earpieces.

Helps maintain the hygienic condition of your hearing aids and earpieces. Cleaning also restores optimum performance level.

Easy-to-use, simple 2-step Hearing Aid Ear Piece Cleaning:
1) Guide & insert threader into the vent, tubing, or canal;
2) Pull soft, spongy brush through.

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