Monocular 7 x 25 with Case

Manufacturer: Reizen

This Deluxe Kit Comes with Everything
  • Rubberized eyecup and lens covers
  • Sure-grip barrel and viewing lens
  • Vinyl zippered carrying case with non-removable belt loop
  • Nylon neck cord
  • Soft cleaning cloth

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This 7x25 monocular is perfect for far-vision viewing - it works like a mini-telescope!

It magnifies objects eight times with a 25mm objective lens, and the monocular barrel offers a sure-grip finish for easier turning. The eyecup features a flexible, rubberized bezel for comfort, but also can be flipped back for use over glasses. Simply turn the barrel while holding the eyecup to adjust magnification level.

This deluxe set includes a vinyl zippered case that comes with non-removable belt loop, a 29-in. nylon neck cord with a J-clip, a soft cleaning cloth and rubberized lens caps to protect the lenses while they are not in use. The viewing lens can be removed for easy and complete cleaning.