MegaDots 2.5 New Single-User Software License

Manufacturer: Duxbury

Create great braille with only a few keystrokes
  • Format, translate, and produce braille documents
  • Import Word 2003, 2007, 2010, Excel, Open Office, and WordPerfect files
  • Includes improved script files for JAWS for Windows
  • Works with 32-bit Win XP, Vista, Win7, and Win8
  • Comes on CD-ROM for easy installation

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MegaDots is a mature DOS braille translator with powerful features for the volume transcriber and producer. Its straightforward, style-based system and automated features let you create great braille with only a few keystrokes. Yet it is sophisticated enough to please the fussiest braille producers— you can control each step MegaDots follows to format, translate and produce braille documents.

MegaDots and Duxbury DBT now work much closer together. Users will be surprised to learn how easy it is to bring DBT files into MegaDots, and how easy it is to bring MegaDots files into DBT.

MegaDots 2.5 runs under 32-bit Windows versions: XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. MegaDots 2.5 will not run on 64-bit systems without the use of a Virtual PC.

All the advantages of earlier versions, with so much more:

MegaDots 2.5 New Features:
- The MegaDots 2.5 importer has been modernized so that MegaDots can now import the file types that DBT 11.1 can import: Word 2003, Word 2007, Word 2010, Excel, Open Office, WordPerfect, and native Duxbury dxp files. This importer is called "DBT assisted import: DBT, Word, WP", and has a numeric code of 1200.
- MegaDots 2.5 is designed to import files that use the Word Template (BANA Braille 2010) created by Susan Christensen. While this template was designed to produce files for DBT, it can now be used to make files for MegaDots.
- MegaDots 2.5 is designed to export files that use the Susan Christensen Template. This is a good way to move MegaDots files (print or braille) to Duxbury DBT. First export from MegaDots to BANA Template/Word, then import this Word file into DBT. Importing braille files into DBT requires DBT 11.1 SR3 or later.
- There is a new importer designed as a variation called "DBT assisted import: OCR to Textfile". This importer helps enrich the format of a Word file if the Word file is in a "plain vanilla" format as often happens with OCR software. The numeric code for this importer is 5000.
- If you own DBT 11.1, you can import math files from MathType, Scientific Notebook, or InftyReader. You can save these math files as Duxbury DXP files. MegaDots 2.5 can import these math DXP files.
- When MegaDots imports and translates a file, it converts some ambiguous math-style markup to literary markup.
- If you import a file with unambiguous math symbols, MegaDots automatically applies the Nemeth style sheet.
- MegaDots can use your copy of Microsoft Word to export inkprint files to Word files from within MegaDots (export to Your Copy of Microsoft Word 2003 or Your Copy of Microsoft Word 2007). If you export to Word 2007/2010, MegaDots adds an "x" to the file extension, so the resulting file name ends in ".docx".
- MegaDots can also use your copy of Word to export to RTF or PDF file types. Export to PDF requires Word 2007/2010 with the appropriate add-on to allow for this feature.
- Exporting a braille file to the Web (html) or Your copy of Word gives good results with the correct braille page divisions.
- MegaDots no longer contains file conversion software licensed from other companies.
- MegaDots contains two True-Type screen fonts, one with and one without shadow dots (MegaDots window braille has shadow dots, MegaDots cleaner braille does not).
- MegaDots 2.5 contains up-to-date Embossit software, so it supports the latest embossers.
- MegaDots 2.5 now supports multiple Embossit configurations, making it easier to support multiple embossers with Embossit.
- When you are in the MegaDots Editor, the last item in the Help Menu now brings up a new browser window to give complete access to cross-referenced MegaDots documentation.

MegaDots Product Overview:
- New version MegaDots 2.5 is shipped on CD-ROM for easy installation. All the documentation is available from a simple menu on your browser.
- MegaDots 2.5 runs under 32-bit Windows versions: XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. MegaDots 2.5 will not run on 64-bit systems without the use of a Virtual PC. MegaDots 2.5 automatically installs your Windows icons.
- MegaDots 2.5 includes improved script files for JAWS for Windows
- MegaDots 2.5 now imports Word 2003/2007/2010 files.
- Since MegaDots recognizes many file formats, you can bring in virtually any document and set it up for braille. MegaDots supports all commercial braille embossers and all modern inkprint printers (except for a small group of inkprint printers that are Windows-only).
- Whenever you want to see how the braille looks, press the Translate key. Suddenly you're looking at the same words, but in braille! You can jump around, edit or enter more braille. Braille entry can be done using a six-key technique, or as "Inkprint in braille", where the words you type become braille as you type them. When you are done in braille, press the Translate key once more and you return to

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