MedCenter Monthly Organizer

Manufacturer: MedCenter

Never miss a dose!
  • 31 daily pillboxes are separated into four segments: morning, noon, evening, and night
  • Easy-open lids allow for quick access to needed medications
  • Color-coded red and green container ends show user when daily dose is complete
  • Fits 16 average-sized pills per compartment
  • Can be paired with MedCenter Talking Clock (sold separately, item 157323)

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Never miss another dose with this helpful medication organizer! The MedCenter Monthly Organizer features 31 pillboxes, each of which is separated into four sections: morning, noon, evening, and night, for even further organization. The two ends of each pillbox are color-coded green and red, so the user can easily see whether or not their doses have been completed for the day. Each of four individual dose compartments measures roughly 15/16" wide x 1" long x 3/4" deep on the inside and can fit 16 average-sized pills. This organizer can be paired with the MedCenter Talking Clock, sold separately (item 157323).

- Product Dimensions: 10" wide x 8" deep x 7.25" high
- Weight: 2lb 14oz

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