Magna Typoscope- 1.5X Clear Magnifier with Yellow Tracker Line

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Magnifier and Place Holder for Easier Reading
  • Magnifies printed material 1.5X
  • Yellow tracker line intensifies black type
  • Helps you focus on the line you are reading
  • Made of durable Lucite and plastic
  • Great for those with low vision

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Make reading easier and more enjoyable The 1.5X Clear Magna Typoscope with Yellow Tracker Line combines several features into one handy tool. As a 1.5X magnifier, a yellow line tracker and a place holder all in one, it's the perfect reading aid - especially for those with low vision.

Simply lay the Magna Typoscope on any reading material and instantly get 1.5X magnification on a full line of type. A bright yellow tracker line intensifies black type for greater visibility and acts as a guide to help you focus on the line you are reading. The black plastic outer frame reduces distraction by blocking out other printed lines on the page. Can also be used as a handy paperweight. Mat/Frame is black plastic. Bar Magnifier is clear and yellow opaque Lucite.

Total Product Dimensions: 8 wide x 5 high
Magnifier Slot Dimensions: 6 long x 5/8 wide
Width of yellow tracker line: 3/16
Weight: 2.8 oz.

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