LED MagView Hands-Free Headband Magnifier Kit with 4 Double Lenses

Manufacturer: Reizen Optix

Adjustable, comfortable, hands-free viewing
  • Hands-free LED headband magnifier kit perfect for reading and near tasks— includes 4 double-lenses with magnifications of 1.7x/2x/2.5x/3.5x
  • Lenses can be overlapped to provide instant increased magnification
  • Lenses flip up when attached to headband and can be used with prescription glasses
  • Detachable LED light source comes standard and is perfect for working or reading in dimly lit or dark areas— two AAA batteries included
  • Headband magnifier features convenient adjustable belt that can be easily resized

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Innovative, adaptable, and comfortable, the LED MagView Hands-Free Headband Magnifier Kit with 4 Double Lenses has just about everything you need to enhance your vision while reading or working with your hands. The perfect solution for reading, repairing precision machinery, working with small toys, carving, handcraft, sewing, and more. The headband is adjustable and can easily be resized for a secure and snug fit, while the four attachable and interchangeable double lenses provide magnifications of 1.7x, 2x, 2.5x, and 3.5x. Even better, two sets of lenses can be overlapped to provide further increased magnification. The lenses also flip up for convenience, and can be used by people who wear prescription glasses (both near-sighted and far-sighted).

Meanwhile, the detachable LED light source comes standard with this Reizen Optix LED MagView Kit and enables this headband magnifier to be used in dimly lit or dark areas. Two AAA batteries are required for the LED light and are included with the Reizen Optix LED MagView Hands-Free Headband Magnifier Kit.

Reizen Optix LED MagView features and specifications:
- Headband belt can be adjusted conveniently
- Four interchangeable double-lenses in kit: 1.7x / 2x / 2.5x / 3.5x
- Can be used with prescription glasses
- Two lenses can be attached and overlapped to provide higher magnifying multiple
- Lens material: Acrylic resin with a crack-proof rigid coating
- Size of lens: 100x50mm; single-lens diameter: 35mm
- Detachable bulb device; the angle of lamplight can also be adjusted; can make the voltage of two AAA batteries increase from 3V to 4.5V and enhance the brightness of the lamp

- Headband magnifier with adjustable headband, two lens attachment holders and detachable LED light source
- Four double-lenses with a convenient case
- Two AAA batteries

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