Large Print Keyboard for Mac- White Print on Black Keys with LED Light

Manufacturer: LogicKeyboard

Big bold print makes typing faster and easier
  • For quicker, easier, and more accurate typing on your Mac
  • Large white print on black keys
  • Original Apple keyboard with enhanced key markings
  • Includes USB LED light

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This large print keyboard is designed to give users an easier and more accurate way to type on the keyboard. Whether you are using word processing, spreadsheets, or any other computer applications, using a keyboard with large letters, numbers, and punctuation makes it much easier to accomplish your tasks.

Minimize your typing errors and reduce your eye strain. This is an original high-quality Apple keyboard enhanced with high-contrast, long-lasting markings. Great for individuals with low vision or anyone who would benefit from seeing the characters on their keyboards more clearly and easily.

Includes a USB LED light— just plug and light and it will enhance your keyboard productivity. Easily adjusts to a perfect lighting position for maximum lighting efficiency with its 10 built-in LEDs. Plugs into one of the keyboard's built-in USB ports. Light measures 14.96" x .33".
Great Real apple full size board, 8/31/2017 3:34 PM
From: Daniel Archibald
Be aware that this is NOT a wireless keyboard.  I did not realize this.  I had thought it was a wireless since no mention and no cord visible.  with that said it is still good.  the black and white keys are nice.  this looks like it was made in a factory,  meaning that it does not look like someone just sat down and applied stickers.  if you have ever tried to do that you know now hard it is and I always end up with some keys messed up.  you can still feel the raised bar on the f and j key so it is a lot easier to find your starting point.  key travel is like I expected.  superb with great tactile feedback.
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