Large Print- Braille Keyboard Labels- White on Black

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Know what keys you're typing on your PC keyboard
  • Big, bold print fits standard size keys
  • Use with your PC or Mac keyboard
  • Complete set with letters, numbers, special keys, etc.
  • Easy to apply— just peel and stick
  • White print on black

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Our Price: $21.95
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No more squinting to see the keys on your PC or Mac keyboard, thanks to these low vision labels! These computer keyboard labels fit standard size keys, but offer larger, bolder print so they are easier to see for those with low vision. They also have raised braille markings so keys may be identified by touch.

These low vision keyboard labels are easy to apply, adhere completely to the top of the keys, and are made of durable Lexan polycarbonate for years of use. The complete set includes all standard letter (upper case) and punctuation keys, function keys (ex. F1, etc.), special keys (Control, Alt, directional arrows, etc.), and numeric keypad labels. Also includes special key labels for Mac keyboards. Color: White print on black.

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