Labels for Reizen Talking Label Identifier- Set C

Manufacturer: Reizen

Mark even more items for identification by touch
  • Talking labels 321-480 (Approximately 0.75 in. round)
  • Washable labels 145-216 (Approximately 3.75 in. x 0.90 in.)
  • Color: Green
  • Use with Reizen Talking Label Identifier (not included)

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Set C Labels for the Reizen Talking Label Identifier:
Talking Labels— Number 321-480 (Approximately 0.75 in. diameter round labels)
Washable Labels— Number 145-216 (Approximately 3.75 in. x 0.90 in. labels)
Color: Green

Use these extra labels along with your Reizen Talking Label Identifier Pen (not included) to mark food items, vitamin and medicine bottles, household cleaners, files, or other items that may be difficult for the blind and visually impaired to distinguish from one another due to their similar (or identical) shapes.

PLEASE NOTE: These are extra labels only. They are an accessory for use with the Reizen Talking Label Identifier (purchase separately).

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