Hearing Impaired E-Scope II w-Convert. Headphones

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Provides Clear, Amplified Heart & Breathing Sounds
  • Exceptional sound quality and filtering; including 64 gain positions and all of the stethoscope controls on the head
  • Remembers the last volume setting when restarted
  • 2-minute shut-off timer conserves batteries
  • Uses an easy to find, off-the-shelf AAA battery
  • Convertible style headphones: wear behind or over head

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This Hearing Impaired Belt Model E-Scope II w/convertible style headphones amplifies up to 120dB SPL (sound pressure level). The E-Scope has been modified for hearing aid users and comes with convertible style headphones that can be worn behind or over the head.

Excellent for ITE Hearing Aid users. Sounds are up to 30 x's greater than acoustic stethoscopes (non electronic, non amplified units). Easy to use; Controls: volume up, volume down, selector switch for heart and lung sounds. 2 minute shut-off timer for battery conservation.

Accessory pack included: consists of 1 Pediatric Diaphragm, 3 plastic bells(adult, pediatric, infant) + 2 additonal hard plastic mushroom style ear tips. Also includes ss adult specialist diaphragm, carrying case, operators manual and instructional CD-Rom. One year mfg warranty on parts and labor. Includes 1 AAA Battery.

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