Hearing Counter Loop

Manufacturer: Williams Sound

Helps customers & visitors hear what’s being said
  • Helps customers hear better at banks, stores, etc.
  • Couples directly to hearing aid T-coils
  • Completely portable
  • Meets ADA/ADAAG guidelines
  • Includes loop, rechargeable battery pack, and power supply

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The PLA 90 Hearing Counter Loop from Williams Sound was designed for public accommodation of individuals at key customer/visitor points of contact. Compact and easy to install, this portable induction loop system readily accommodates individuals with hearing difficulties at a bank teller window, information desk, store counter, or anywhere customers/visitors need to hear what is being said.

Hearing Counter Loop picks up external voices with an integrated microphone or with an optional external microphone. The system transmits the spoken word directly and clearly to a listener's hearing aid equipped with a T-coil. Designed to meet ADA accessibility requirements.

- Magnetic signal couples directly to hearing aids equipped with telecoils (T-coils)
- Headphone output for users without a hearing aid
- Can be used with optional loop receivers
- Can be portable or permanently installed
- Built-in microphone
- Optional external microphone
- Battery or AC-powered
- 3-4 ft. (1m) range
- Auto shut-off on battery power
- Meets ADA/ADAAG guidelines
- Color: silver plastic
- Range: 3 - 4ft (1 meter)
- Microphone sensitivity: 60dB for full output (internal microphone)
- Controls: power on and power off; rotary microphone gain for external mic.; three-position microphone selector switch, internal, external, or internal plus external microphones
- Auto Power Off: 2-minute timeout if no audio from internal or external mic while using battery only
- Indicators:
Red LED flashing indicates charging battery
Green LED indicates system operating
Amber LED indicates audio input is being received
- Input: 3.5mm mono jack for external microphone
- Output: 3.5 mm stereo headphone
- Power supply: Universal 100 – 240VAC 50/60Hz input, 16VDC, 1A output, center positive
- Battery: 12VDC, 1300mA/h NiMH (10 AA cell pack)
- Battery life: 6hrs with full 4-hour recharge time
- Loop output power: Max 10W, internal loop coil
- Approvals: CE, RoHS, WEEE
- Warranty: 2 years parts and labor (90 days on most accessories)

System includes:
(1) Hearing Counter Loop
(1) Rechargeable 10x AA NiMH battery pack
(1) TFP 046 International Power Supply

Dimensions: 7.9" (200mm) x 7.3" (185 mm) x 2.9" (75 mm) (HxWxD)
Weight: 1.4lb (635g) with batteries

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