HealthCraft SuperPole with SuperBar

Manufacturer: HealthCraft

A Diverse Mobility Aid
  • No damage installation
  • Stylish, clean and modern
  • Comfortable foam hand grip
  • Versatile installation almost anywhere you need it
  • SuperBar gives added support to SuperPole

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The SuperBar is a horizontal pivoting and locking bar that mounts to the SuperPole, suitable for clients who require moderate assistance to achieve small steps during transfers.

Safety - unlocks and pivots freely to move with you step by step, yet locks every 45 degrees to assist with standing and sitting. Automatically locks when released preventing forward or
lateral falls. Full support when making two or three steps transfers.

Ease of use - no reaching, stretching or twisting required.

Flexible - more compact than a walker in small restricted areas such as washrooms.

Versatile - can pivot in narrow areas such as between bed and wall, narrow hallways, etc.

Bed Application - allows weight shift, moving, standing, leaving or getting into bed, or transfer to wheelchair, walker or bedside commode.

Bathtub Application - provides complete support for step-over without reaching for wall bars. The SuperBar can pivot away from shower curtains, allowing them to fully close during a shower.

Toilet Application - permits pulling up to standing and can provide leaning support while managing clothing.

SuperBar - 1.5 / 3.81cm diameter, 16 / 40cm length, locks every 45 degrees (8 positions), height adjustable typically 24 to 38 / 61-97cm (from floor, with limit of 58 / 147cm from ceiling to top of bar.

Floor to Ceiling Range: 93 to 99 / 236 to 251 cm (standard).

Uni-Fit Extender: Increase floor to ceiling range to 100 to 120 / 254 to 305 cm. Sold separately. NOT TO BE USED WITH SUPERTRAPEZE.


Ceiling Plate Extender: Allows standard ceiling plate (20 / 51cm length) to span 30 / 76cm with holes for ceiling attachment to 24 / 61cm ceiling beam centers. Sold separately.

Pole Material: Heavy gauge steel, 1.5 / 3.81cm diameter. High temperature baked powder coat gloss white enamel.

Grip Material: Grey, premium high quality grip, 20 / 51cm long. Does not contain natural dried rubber or latex. Washable.

Expansion Mechanism: Steel jackscrew, zinc plated, 1-1/8 fine cut thread.

Weight Capacity: 250lbs / 113kg. Bariatric model 450lbs/205kg capacity.

Note: The SuperPole System should only be installed between floors and ceilings of solid construction or injury may result. The SuperPole System should not be installed on loose floor coverings, in rooms with radiant ceiling heating, in mobile homes, or in suspended or angled ceilings. Recommended weight limits are 250lbs/114kg for all models (excluding SuperPole Heavy Duty); no more than 150lbs/70kg should be exerted on trapeze system (for repositioning and sitting up assistance only).

Strictly for use with HealthCraft SuperPole, or injury may occur.

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