HALOS® Oven - Orange

Manufacturer: Tangible Surface Research

Tactile icon stickers for your oven
  • Provides helpful overlays for the blind and visually impaired to identify the location, functions and features on their home appliances
  • The stickers are thick so you can feel the different shapes
  • Created from a crowd-funded experiment to test tactile appliance overlays for the visually impaired
  • Each icon represents common appliance features
  • Adheres to your touch surface appliances

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HALOS (Home Appliance Label and Overlay System) Oven tactile stickers are perfect for those who have a visual impairment to easily access their oven.

Just place the X shaped tactile sticker on your oven's clear/stop button. (Use other X-shaped stickers on your dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer.) As you go about your day, any time you feel that X shape, you know it represents a stop function.

Start button stickers are triangle shapes, timers are an hourglass shape, and a microwave beverage sticker is the shape of a cup.

This package contains tactile icons for common oven buttons -

2 - Start
2 - Stop/Cancel
2 - Bake/Roast
2 - Broil
2 - Increase (Up Arrow)
2 - Decrease (Down Arrow)
2 - Timer
2 - Clock
2 - Clean

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