Giant View Low Vision Wall Clock- White Face

Manufacturer: Reizen

Large easy-to-see face with bold black numbers
  • Nearly 1.75” high bold black numbers
  • Bold black hour and minute hands
  • Uses one AA battery (not included)
  • Approximate dimensions: 10” wide x 12.4” high

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Makes telling time easy! The Reizen Giant View Low Vision Wall Clock, with its super-bold black numbers measuring nearly 1.75 inches high and set against a large bright white face, is helpful for those with macular degeneration and other low vision conditions.

Other features include bold black hour and minute hands and reliable quartz movement. Wall mount from a pre-drilled hole on the clock's top edge. Uses one AA battery (not included).

Measurements (approximate): 10.0 in. Wide x 12.4 in. High x 1.25 in. Thick
Product weight: 12.2 oz.
Good low vision aid but..., 10/1/2016 9:55 AM
This clock is large with excellent contrast for low vision. It costs about twice what like products on the market cost that are not targeted for people with low vision. For the difference in price, I would expect that the needs of people with low vision would be carefully assessed and addressed.
     For example, low vision adults do not necessarily need large numbers; we know what numbers would be pointed to without having actual numbers. Nevertheless, some might want or need those numbers. However, it is the hands of the clock that are most important. The hands should be easily distinguished from one another, and on this clock they are not. The short hand should be noticeably shorter AND THICKER than the long hand such that they are easily distinguished from one another.
     The clock is designed for a table top or wall. Since low vision people want a large and bold clock in close proximity, the tilting of the clock (and it does sit on an angle) causes distortion. The clock would be better designed for tabletop use in a full vertical position (or possibly adjustable).
     Lastly, it would be preferable to have a plastic covering over the face of the clock to prevent pets (or even children) from moving the hands either accidentally or purposefully. Even dusting the clock could cause unintended movement of the hands.
     I wonder if the needs of actual low vision people were ever assessed.
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