FeatherLite Reacher - 26-inch

Manufacturer: Reizen

Reach Up on Shelves & Reach Down without Bending
  • Ergonomic handle with non-slip grip
  • Built-in lug to pull items towards you plus magnetic tip
  • Holds lightweight objects up to 2.75" wide
  • Standard 26” length

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Reach items on high shelves, pick things up without bending over and retrieve objects from hard-to-reach places. Pull clothing or blankets with the convenient lug, and lift small metal objects with the built-in magnet tip.

Great for those with arthritis, hip and knee replacements, or anyone who can use a longer reach!

The FeatherLite Reacher requires only 7 oz. of pressure to close the jaws. The ergonomically designed handle allows items to be grasped with a firm, non-slip grip.

The claw teeth are interlocking with soft, molded tip grooves. Holds lightweight objects measuring up to 2.75" wide and weighing up to 3 lbs. Standard 26" length.

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