Dolphin Keyboard

Manufacturer: Irie

Large print keys ideal for low vision users
  • Great for use with SuperNova or on any computer
  • 18 easy to locate, tactile Quick Buttons
  • For novice and experienced keyboard users
  • Get started with SuperNova or Guide more quickly
  • Fewer hotkeys to remember

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The Dolphin Keyboard includes 18 Quick Buttons for speedy access to SuperNova's or Guide's most useful features. These buttons are large and varied shapes, making them tactile and easy to locate by touch. High contrast, large print keys are ideal for those with low vision.

SuperNova users can use the Quick Buttons to:

—Start SuperNova and open SuperNova's Control Panel
—Get help
—Increase and decrease the magnification
—Switch on high contrast color schemes
—Turn on, off, and adjust the speed of the speech
—Access online services including news, radio, weather, walking directions, and podcasts

Guide users can use the Quick Buttons to:

—Start Guide
—Get help
—Zoom in and out
—Scan and read
—Start web browsing
—Adjust the speed of the speech and more

Black with white letters/numbers. 12-month warranty. Section 508 compliant.

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