Dictionary and Alphabet For Your Baby DVD Training Video

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Teach Your Baby Sign Language
  • Created by a deaf mother
  • DVD includes voice, sounds and colorful images
  • Includes a guessing game to challenge your skills
  • Plays in computer or home TV/DVD system
  • Runs approximately 85 minutes

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This comprehensive DVD expands your sign language vocabulary.
Created by a deaf mother the DVD includes voice, sounds and colorful images that make learning sign language fun and easy.
Provides an alphabetized list of 150 words and the manual alphabet. Show you how to spell 40 of the most popular boys and girls names. Your little one can learn to spell her own name before she can write it.

Running Time: Approximately 85 minutes
Universal access: Plays in a computer with a DVD drive or on your home TV/DVD system

List of words taught:
again, apple, ball, balloon, bee, bicycle, big, birthday, black, blue, boat, broken, brush teeth, butterfly, bye bye, camera, candle, car, careful, carrots, cat, caterpillar, cereal, chair, chicken, christmas, close, cow, cry, dance, deer, different, dinosaur, doctor, dog, doll,
down, draw, drive, drum, dry, easter, farmer, fix, flower, fork, four, fox, frog, full, gentle, go, good boy, good girl, grandfather, grandmother, grapes, grass, green, happy, helicopter, hello, help, home, horse, hot, hug, ice cream, in, jacket, juice, jump, keys, kiss, laugh, left, light, lion, look down, look up, medicine, mine, moon, ocean, off, on, one, open, open eyes, ouch, out, paint, phone, pig, pizza, play, police, pretty, quiet, rabbit, rain, read, ready, red, rhino, right, road, rock, sad, safe, same, school, share, sheep, shhh, shoes, sit, sky, small, snow, socks, soup, stand, stop, store, strawberry, stroller, sun, swan, table, talk, teeth, thank you, three, toothpaste, towel, tree, two, want, warm, where, white, windy, wolf, yellow, zoo

List of names taught:
Alexander, Andrew, Anthony, Christopher, Daniel, David, Dylan, Ethan, Jacob, James, John, Joseph, Joshua, Matthew, Michael, Nathan, Nicolas, Ryan, Tyler, William
Abigail, Alexis, Alyssa, Anna, Ashley, Brianna, Elizabeth, Emily, Emma, Grace, Hannah, Isabella, Kayla, Lauren, Madison, Natalie, Olivia, Samantha, Sarah, Sophia

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