Deluxe Scrabble Game - Braille Version

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Braille & Tactile Markings Enable Playing by Touch
  • Tactile Braille game tiles and tactile Braille grid overlay on board
  • 13.75-in. x 14.75-in. game board rotates for easy access
  • Accessible play for the blind and visually impaired
  • Instructions in print and on audio cassette tape
  • Includes 4 wooden tile racks

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Great fun for everyone! This accessible Deluxe Tactile Braille Scrabble Game comes equipped with everything needed for play by touch.

The plastic game tiles have tactile and Braille markings. Plus the board comes with an overlay grid that helps keep pieces from shifting and also has tactile and Braille markings. The 13.75-in. x 14.75-in. game board rotates on a built-in base for easy reach from all directions. Instructions are provided in print as well as on cassette tape. Includes 4 wooden tile racks.

This Scrabble Game with Braille and Tactile markings enables the blind and visually impaired to join in the fun of the family favorite board game.

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