Deluxe Folding Reacher

Manufacturer: Reizen

Extend your reach by nearly three feet
  • Lightweight durable aluminum construction
  • Super suction grips
  • Folds in half for easy storage
  • Locking mechanism
  • Measures approximately 3 feet long

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Extend your reach by nearly 3 feet! With the Deluxe Folding Reacher in your hand, you'll be able to pick up a variety of items that might otherwise be out of reach. Just hold it against the item you want to get, squeeze the trigger, and the jaws will close around the item and hold it firmly as you bring it back towards you.

This is a handy, helpful tool for any household— great for reaching up to get items on shelves, or down to pick up things you have dropped. Especially helpful for wheelchair users, those with limited mobility, and anyone recovering/rehabbing from leg, back, or neck injuries or surgery.

Lightweight durable aluminum construction. Super suction grips. Folds in half for easy storage. Locking mechanism. Measures approximately 3 feet long.

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