Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy System

Manufacturer: Uplift Technologies

Increase energy level and improve sleep patterns
  • Helps ease seasonal mood swings and winter depression
  • Also a great task/reading lamp and ambient light source
  • Shows results in as little as 20-30 minutes per day
  • Light measures 13.25" x 16" x 3"; 28" maximum height on legs
  • Use built-in stand, adjustable legs, or wall mount

SKU: 673295
Length: 15.75 in
Width: 12.25 in
Height: 28.75 in
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Day-Lights are bright light systems designed to help people who suffer from seasonal depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD) or the winter blues. Day-Lights emit 10,000 lux of glare-free light intensity - the dosage recommended by light therapy experts. Versatility is a key feature of the Day-Light system. Lightweight and compact, it can be used with the included adjustable legs, set on a shelf using the built-in stand or wall-mounted for a pleasant light window effect. It also blocks 99.3 percent of UV rays for added eye safety.

Benefits: Helps to ease seasonal mood swings and winter depression; improves sleeping patterns; makes an exceptional task or reading lamp; provides pleasant ambient lighting. Almost anyone can benefit: At least four million North Americans who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD); over 36 million North Americans who seasonally feel light-deprived, lose energy, and experience the winter blues; shift workers and long-distance flyers with disturbed sleep patterns and those who work in dark places or in offices without windows. Uses three 36-watt compact fluorescent 3000 Kelvin color temperature bulbs (included).

Lamp Enclosure: 13.25" x 16" x 3"
Height on legs: 28" maximum - 25" minimum
Weight: 6.5 lbs.
Category Therapy
Type Floor
Color White

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