Comfort Wheelchair Armrest with Rotating Base- Left

Manufacturer: Reizen

Gives wheelchair users more arm comfort & mobility
  • Moldable arm for custom positioning
  • Swing-away rotating base for easy movement and transfers
  • Straps for securing arm can be easily adjusted or removed
  • Single armrest for left side
  • Measures 22.00 in. x 6.00 in. x 5.50 in.

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The Comfort Wheelchair Armrest (aka Moldable Arm Trough) with Rotating Base is a mobility accessory that offers maximum convenience and versatility to wheelchair users who seek more options for arm comfort and mobility.

This wheelchair armrest has comfortable straps for securing the arm and can be easily adjusted or removed. This mobility aid provides support for contractures (permanent shortening of a muscle or joint) and tone, while also preventing finger drop. The swing-away rotating base rotates for easy movement and transfers.

Since the wheelchair armrest is moldable, the armrest can be bent up for custom positioning to meet the medical and comfort needs of each individual user. (Ex. the end can be used to elevate fingers, preventing edemas.) Includes one armrest.
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