Braille Clothing Tags - Numbers

Manufacturer: Future Aids

Use braille numbers to keep clothing sets together
  • Coordinate your wardrobe with number sets
  • Keep a braille cheat sheet to identify what each number represents each outfit
  • Contains small, rectangular print/braille tags with numbers 1-25
  • Lightweight aluminum clothing markers are machine washable and dryer-safe
  • Small holes at each end of tag allow for sewing to the inside of garment

SKU: 106011
Length: 1.25 in
Width: 0.50 in
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Stay color coordinated! When you know what outfits really go well together, sew or pin a number 1 on the shirt, and a number 2 on the matching pair of shorts or pants. To identify 3 comfortable shirts for those special events, just attach numbers 23 through 25 to them. Make a quick braille list and stick it in your dresser drawer so you will always remember what the numbers mean.

Label your outfits and you will always know what they are. If you want to remember an outfit that was gifted to you, mark it so you can wear it when you are with that person. If you are marking several different outfits, you may prefer to get 2 sets of these numbers— you can attach the same number to the shirt and pants. Perfect for everything from play clothes to dress pants.

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