BlindShell Classic 2 - Cardinal Red

Manufacturer: BlindShell

The perfect phone for the visually impaired!
  • Large screen with easy-to-see information and icons
  • Tactile keypad
  • Improved voice control functionality
  • Sleek design
  • Works exclusively on T-Mobile within the U.S.

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Our Price: $489.00
Availability: Temporarily out of stock but available for order
The BlindShell Classic 2 Cell Phone is the perfect phone for those who are visually impaired. Thanks to its updated design, improved tactile keypad, larger screen with more information displayed for easier reading, and enhanced voice control functionality, it's easier than ever to use your cellular device if you have a visual impairment or other disability that can make using a standard smartphone or cell phone difficult.
The BlindShell Classic 2 Cell Phone works exclusively on T-Mobile in the USA.
Features include: Voice control * Loudspeaker * Tactile keypad * Internet browser and email * Easy to read home screen * Large icons * Assistive tools * SOS button * Color sensor * and so much more!

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