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ASL Babies - Outside

Basic Signs Related to Outside Objects & Weather

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  • Support early communication between parents/caregivers and babies
  • Shows ASL signs related to objects and the weather
  • Includes words such as: grass, tree, sun, rain, flower & stars
  • 16 pages with 14 illustrated images
Children love being outside. This book allows you to teach your children basic words related to objects and the weather. Michael Carter has once again created whimsical drawings to demonstrate the signs for: grass, tree, sun, rain, flower, bug, dirt, rock, snow, wind, moon, stars, beach, and sand.

The ASL (American Sign Language) signs in ASL Babies: Outside are modeled on those used by fluent Deaf signers.

This baby signing book includes 14 adorably illustrated images that allow early communication between parents/caregivers and babies. Research shows that signing reduces frustration, increases IQ and leads to larger vocabularies at earlier ages. Signing is easy, fun and rewarding - and babies love it!

Check out the other titles in the American Sign Language Babies series. Give yourself the tools to teach your child basic vocabulary, to improve their communication skills.

Product Details:
- Authors: Tina Jo Breindel, Michael Carter
- Length: 16 pages
- Copyright 2008
- ISBN: 978-1-58121-154-2

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