5-Piece Tactile Metric Geometry Set -Large

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Accessible Set Helps Kids Learn Geometry By Touch
  • Great for blind and low vision students
  • Also helpful for geometry applications in the workplace
  • Includes ruler, 2 squares (45 and 30-degree), protractor & compass
  • Metric (cm) tactile markings on ruler and squares
  • Angle degree tactile markings on protractor

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This 5 Piece Tactile Geometry Set (Large) is a helpful tool that makes learning geometry concepts fun and accessible to the blind and visually impaired student. Pieces are made of durable heavy grade plastic. Bright orange color provides high contrast against white paper, making them easier for low vision users to see. Metric (centimeter) markings.

The set includes the following:
1. One 45-degree angle square (14cm x 14cm x 19.5cm) with tactile centimeter markings on the two 14cm sides
2. One 30-degree angle square (17cm x 10cm x 20cm) with tactile centimeter markings on the 17cm and 10cm sides
3. Ruler (30cm or 11.75" long) with tactile centimeter markings (a single dot for each centimeter; two dots at 5-centimeter increments; three dots at 10-centimeter increments)
4. Protractor with tactile dots at each 10-degree mark, solid lines at 45 and 135 degrees, and two dots at the 90-degree point. Measures approx. 20cm (7.75") on flat side.
5. Compass. Measures 14cm (5.5") long.

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