Zeiss VisuLook Classic Aspheric Hand Magnifier- 12D

Manufacturer: Zeiss

Hard Protective Coating & Anti-Reflective Coating
  • 12 Diopter (3x Magnification)
  • 70mm aspheric lens for large field of view
  • Lightweight, unbreakable plastic lens
  • Custom leather case included

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Hand magnifiers facilitate many of the tasks we perform at work and in our private lives that require detailed, precise vision. With the VisuLook classic, by utilizing the highest possible magnification, image quality and distortion have been optimized so that no aberrations of any consequence occur.

The hand magnifiers are labeled with their refracting power (D), which can be used to calculate the magnification on the basis of conditions of use. Each magnifier has a hard protective coating, as well as a Super ET anti-reflective coating, and comes with a matching case.

Refracting (D) power: 12D
Magnification for reference distance of 0.25m (D/4): 3x
Optically effective diameter: 70mm
Type Non-Illuminated

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