Zeiss VisuLight S 12D LED Illuminated Round Stand Magnifier

Manufacturer: Zeiss

Superior Magnification Plus Illumination
  • Great for reading fine print for longer periods of time
  • Top-performance German-made optical stand magnifier
  • Lightweight, high quality plastic hard-coated aspheric lens
  • Long life dual LED lights never need to be changed
  • Swing-in red line marker for easier line orientation within text

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The VisuLight 12D LED Illuminated Stand Magnifier from world-leading German optical designer and manufacturer Carl Zeiss combines unsurpassed magnifying strength and quality with LED illumination in a stylish, modern design. This precise, powerful instrument is ideal for any situations where you may desire or require additional lighting. Great for home use (reading of small print, looking for phone numbers, etc.). Because it sits on the reading material during use, it is suitable for reading for longer periods of time and is ideal for users who may not be able to hold magnifiers freely in their hand. Comes with clear LED light caps already in place for a brighter whiter light source. Yellow caps are also included, should you want a more muted light. The life of the 123mA LED white lights is so long, you'll never have to change them Uses 2 C batteries (not included).

Aspheric lens features: The shape and function of this lens are the result of the latest knowledge in the field of optics. The aspherically designed lens allows you to use the magnifier over the entire field of view with virtually no distortion. To minimize the weight of the lens, it is made of a lightweight, high quality plastic material. It has been hard-coated with a special cera-tec coating in order to increase its scratch resistance.

Other Features:
A swing-in red line marker for easier line orientation within text Simply turn a small lever to swing it into position. The handle comes equipped with a built-in stand that simply extends out to ensure that the stand magnifier sits securely on the surface.

Technical Data:
Overall dimensions approximately 10-1/4 Long x 4 Wide x 2-3/4 Thick
Lens size: 80mm
Refractive power: 12.0 Diopters
Magnification at reference distance 0.25m (D/4): 3.0x
Optimum using distances:
Text to magnifier - 50mm
Magnifier to eye - 250mm
Type Illuminated

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