Zeiss Aplanatic-Achromatic Double Loupe-36D -9x

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Aplanatic-achromatic pocket magnifiers from Carl Zeiss Vision are indispensable aids for many tasks – particularly in industry, research and the skilled trades – where precise vision is of the essence. Their small dimensions also make them useful for persons with severe visual handicaps, e.g. for use when out and about.

The aplanatic-achromatic pocket magnifiers are labeled with their refracting power (D), which can be used to calculate the respective magnification based on the conditions of use. These magnifiers provide a distortion-free image without chromatic aberration over the entire field of view. The lenses come standard with an anti-reflection coating.

Refracting (D) power: 36D (24D plus 12D)
Magnification for reference distance of 0.25m (D/4): 9x (6x plus 3x)
Optically effective diameter: 22mm
Field of view: 32/52/127mm

Type Non-Illuminated

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