Womens Socks with Snaps- White- Magenta Trim- 1 Pair

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Never sort or lose your socks again!
  • No more sorting or lost socks
  • Plastic snaps keep socks paired in laundry
  • Trouser socks— Women’s size 9-11

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It's laundry day and you're going through the tedious chore of sorting and matching socks. Suddenly, the boredom you were feeling turns into irritation. A sock is missing.

You check the washer, dryer, and laundry basket. You go through the newly folded piles of clothes to see if it's stuck to something. But it's nowhere to be found. Where could it possibly have gone?

Socks with Snaps eliminate the needless frustration and time wasted tracking down socks that have gone missing in the laundry. Each Snappy Sock has a reinforced plastic snap sewn discreetly inside its upper edge.

When you take the socks off, simply snap the pair together, and you're done. Your socks will stay paired through the washer and dryer, and right back into your dresser drawer. No more sorting needed— and no more lost socks!

- Color/style: white sock with magenta trim (toe, heel, and top)
- 78.6-percent cotton; 18.6-percent polyester; 2.8-percent spandex
- One pair of trouser socks— Women's size 9-11
- Easy care instructions: machine wash cold with like colors. Tumble dry, low heat.

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