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Williams Sound TV Talker Flex - FM Listening System

Hear TV, Music and Meetings More Easily

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  • Connects directly to your TV, DVD player or other audio device
  • Move from room to room and still hear sound
  • Up to 120dBA output
  • Range: Up to 100 feet
  • Includes transmitter, receiver, mini earbud, AC power, rechargeable batteries
Ideal for TV/music listening, meetings, or for use while exercising. Listen to exceptional stereo sound at the volume of your comfort - without disturbing others. With wireless FM technology, you can leave the room while still listening to your favorite TV program - no line of sight is needed.

The WFM 270 from Williams Sound may be used with, or with out hearing aids. When in use the receiver will hang around the neck, therefore applying no pressure to the ears. If you have a manual t-coil, all you need to do is turn on the t-coil. If you do not have a t-coil, you can use the EAR 013 that comes with the system, or your own comfortable headphones.

With three selectable channels, the TVTalker FM provides a long range of up to 100' and a battery life of up to 6 hours. Complete system package includes two rechargeable batteries, TV listening microphone and a 2-year warranty.

- Connects directly to your TV, DVD player or other audio device (works with plasma TVs)
- Comfortable neckloop receiver is ideal for people with Telecoil (T-switch) hearing aids (or plug in your own stereo headphones)
- Compatible with T-coil hearing aids
- Patented on/off microswitch built into the receiver arm for easy on/off
- Receiver charges itself when placed back on top of transmitter base

- WFM TX270 Transmitter
- WFM RX270 Receiver
- Power Supply
- MIC 084 TV Microphone
- WCA 078 1m Audio Cable with dual RCA plugs
- (2) BAT AP07D Rechargeable Batteries
- Single Mini-earbud (EAR 013)

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