White Plastic Food Bumper

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Aids in self-feeding and helps prevent spills
  • Adapts a standard plate into a plate for independent feeding
  • Provides an area to push food onto your utensil for scooping
  • Similar to an inner lip plate or scoop plate
  • Aids in keeping food on the plate
  • Ideal for one-handed use

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A food bumper allows the user to get food onto a fork or spoon by pushing up against the high lip. When snapped over the edge of a regular tableware plate, the food bumper creates a barrier that facilitates eating by preventing spills. Ideal for those with one-handed use or dexterity issues. Fits plates 8 inches to 11 inches in diameter.

This sanitary snap-on food bumper is molded in one piece. Microwaveable. Residential and institutional dishwasher safe.

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