Whac-A-Mole Game with Lights and Sounds

Manufacturer: Mattel Toys

Lets visually impaired and blind players enjoy!
  • Bop the moles when they light up— lose points if you bop them when not lit
  • Teaches children concentration and hand-eye coordination skills
  • For one or two players
  • Recommended for ages 4 and up
  • Uses 3 AA batteries (not included)

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Kids will love this fun take on the classic Whac-a-Mole game! Great for blind and visually impaired players, this game features fun sounds and brightly colored lights. When the light on a mole's hard hat lights up, bop it on the head to score points! Make sure not to bop them when they aren't lit, or you'll lose points. This game can be played by one person, or two players can play together, dividing between red and green lights on the moles' corresponding hard hats. The center mole has a clear hard hat and can light up with either color, so be sure to pay attention to gain extra points! When the time is up, the unit will reveal scores to see who wins. Children can use it to learn concentration and hand-eye coordination.

- Game dimensions: 3.88 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches
- Weight: 1.21 lbs
- Recommended for players ages 4 and up
- Uses 3 AA batteries (not included)