Monday, October 1, 2018

Wegman's Supermarket Chain offers the Blind a new "visionary" way to navigate and shop throughout their grocery stores

With lots of new technology and products that are offered today, people who are blind or have low vision now have choices and opportunities to improve their independence and shopping experience.

Wegmans SupermarketBlind Shoppers will now be able to navigate throughout the store, select items and complete purchases with ease.  With the aid of a smartphone app designed for the blind and visually impaired, Wegmans supermarket chain is offering this service free of charge, giving assistance to their blind and low vision shoppers for a stress free and positive shopping journey. They're the first supermarket to offer help for the blind and low vision customers to do their own grocery shopping based on the use of a smartphone camera. Live agents help track the client's shopping excursion throughout the store.  Trained professional agents help the shopper find specific items during their shopping trip, safely navigate their way around the aisles, and help to make purchases.  It turns front cameras on so the agent can see what the shopper is in view of.  Each agent is trained in orientation and mobility to help blind shoppers navigate in a safe and busy environment.  This gives real time visual descriptions to the blind shopper with the smartphone camera or a pair of smart glasses, receiving on-demand assistance.

How MaxiAids proudly serves the needs of the blind shopper

MaxiAids has been serving the blind and low vision community for over three decades, making available products for the blind, low vision aids, blind accessories and assistive technology.  We continuously look for products for those who are challenged with sight loss, and are pleased to offer many of these products to help conquer those day to day challenges.  Our shopping aid products and kitchen and cooking tools will surely help the complications and confusion that vision impaired people face on a daily basis.

iBill Money Identifier








The iBill Talking Money Identifier gives a quick, easy, reliable way to identify the bills used to pay for items, as well as the change received  in stores, restaurants, or anywhere a person goes. When paper currency is inserted into the slot and the button is pressed, the iBill Talking Money Identifier announces the dollar amount in U.S. dollars.

Color Identifiers

MaxiAids offers Color Identifiers that check the color of clothes and the ripeness of fruit while shopping. When the identifier is held in front of almost any surface - paper, cloth, wood, plastic, etc., the color will be spoken. 

Identifiers are an important tool for those with low vision to be able to hear what the identifier sees, and the product comes in four different languages to choose from. 

Pen Friend 2

Product labelers are ideal products for the blind and visually impaired to help identify products at home by creating labels that can speak back to them. Audio labelers allow you to label anything and everything with discreet audio labels all in your own voice. They're used to label food/freezer items, film/music collections or household objects. Organize letters and other paperwork. Record shopping lists or leave audio messages, or use it as a portable note-taker.

Other labeling systems help label clothing items, kitchen spices, food items, vitamin and medicine bottles, household cleaners, files, or other items that may be difficult for the blind and visually impaired to distinguish from one another due to their similar (or identical) shapes.

MaxiAids offers assistive kitchen and cooking aids that will bring functionality and joy back into the kitchen. With talking measuring cups, talking scales, Braille microwave ovens, and many other blind accessories for cooking and food preparation, our assortment of low vision products and low vision aids for the home are sure to make life a little easier when cooking up a great meal! --Audrey Leonard

MaxiAids offers many products that promote accessibility and independence to the blind and low vision community.  Look through our many products for the blind and visually impaired to make life more productive inside and out of the home.

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